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    May 14, 2013
    6:00 - 7:01am PDT  

i will have the details. >> and taking no chances, angelina jolie goes public about her life-changing decision to get a double mastectomy. >> we are starting out with clouds around the bay area. the winds are kicking up. we will talk about that coming up. >> good morning. it's tuesday, may the 14th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it is 6:00 and we are beginning with breaking news. a big rig accident is causing a backup on the san mateo bridge. >> it will be a rough commute out there. >> if you are a cash pair, we are seeing backups. this accident happened just after 5:00. a fully loaded big rig as you can see there slammed into the far right retaining wall. the far right cash toll booth remains shut down. the chp is on scene and working to get it cleared. it may have spilled some oil or
fuel. again, the left lanes are getting by okay, the fast track lanes. but look what it is doing to the far right lanes. backups extending beyond clawwitter. they figured that the big rig will be out there for a while blocking lanes. it has been. use the dunbar bridge. we're not seeing any backups. the left lanes appear to be moving okay. and southbound 880 so far on athe approach to the san mateo bridge so far the sensors are not picking up backups as well. we will have more on this plus more on your morning drive in just a bit. >> developing news in san jose. a fire destroys a beauty salon overnight. >> she is live where the arson investigators are on the scene early this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the fire gutted the building
and workers are getting ready to board it up. there were two businesses inside, a beauty salon and a testing business called advanced results. arson investigators wrapped up and they're not calling it suspicious at this time. they're trying to determine the cause. firefighters were called around 2:00 a.m. and it took them an hour just to get the flames under control. they were able to contain it and prevent the fire from spreading. firefighters took a defensive approach because it was too dangerous to go inside. >> we were dealing with the flames. the roof had start today collapse. the firefighters could not make entry into the building due to the amount of fire. the smoke was coming out of it. the major concern was protecting the day care center adjacent to the building. >> no one was inside the building and nobody was hurt. the owner of the salon said
that she closed around 10:00 and does not remember leaving anything on. they say that just about everything inside was destroyed so it might take a while to determine what started the fire. reporting live in san jose, kpix 5. >> it looks like there's a lot of businesses in the area. did the fire damage any other and will they be opening today, do you think. >> reporter: there are a lot of businesses in this area. we are on sharon drive. the fire was contained to the one building. so all of the other businesses around here are okay. and you heard the fire captain mention there's a day care center right next door. no damage to that as well. back to you. >> thank you, melissa. >> it is 6:03 now. a search will resume for a 9- year-old bay area girl reported missing from a family vacation home up in lake county. she is autistic and unable to speak. her family says she is attracted to water but cannot swim.
officers and volunteers have been searching the murky waters of cash creek. so far there's been no sign of the little girl. >> we have five children. we see a missing child, we're -- it hits close to home. >> she was reported missing sunday afternoon. police say she had been playing outside with a younger brother who apparently ran inside when he was being chased by a bee. that's when police believe she wandered off. >> a news conference by the father of a 12-year-old murder suspect has been canceled. the boy is accused of killing his sister last month. the father of both kids says that he believes his son is innocent until proven guilty. the school is offering counseling for students. a good salon and advanced results man -- samaritan was killed after stepping in to stop a fight. one of the people involved in
the fight came back and shot santana several times. >> you should put yourselves in our shoes and see how we feel. you should -- if you know who it is, basically just go to the police or go to a friend and, you know, just be anonymous. all we want is for that person to be in jail. it's not fair. >> we don't have a very good description of the suspect. just that he is a 200-pound bald hispanic man. a stunning and personal revelation by one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> explaining why angelina jolie had a double mastectomy. >> good morning. the actress says that it was because of a gene doctors discovered she had. this motivated her to opt for a surgery or preventative mastectomy. it can prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who are at high risk of developing the disease. she said this wasn't an easy decision. she wrote an opinion piece in the new york times detailing
why she chose to have her breasts surgically removed. she reflected on her mother's battle with cancer before dying at the age of 56. she wanted to be proactive and reduce her risk for the disease. she started a three-month procedure back in february. she explains my doctors estimated that i had an 87% risk of breast cancer and a 50% risk of ovarian cancer. i chose not to keep my story private because there are so many women who do not know that they might be living under the shadow of cancer. it is my hope that they too will be able to get gene tested and that if they have a high risk, they will know that they have strong options. she writes she know she carries the quote faulty gene. let's take a look at that particular gene. it's called brca1. it changes and pew tates. certain variations leads to an increased risk. scientists at uc berkeley were
the first ones to find evidence of this gene. we caught up with the executive director of breast cancer action with a stake in the fight to get women tested for the gene. >> we know when it comes to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, women need it talk to genetic counselors and understand all of their options. >> how effective is preventative mastectomy in preventing or reducing the risk? according to the national cancer institute, data suggests that it may reduce the chance of developing breast cancer up to 90% in women like angelina jolie. >> surgery has its risks and women should always talk to their doctor before making such a big decision. >> such a brave decision for angelina jolie. >> yes. >> the weather this morning looks like it will be an all right day. a cooldown in store.
>> yes. we're starting out with a few patches of fog around the bay area this morning. mostly clear in the valleys. heading outside, a nice look. a quiet start to the morning. we are going to see some gentle conditions early on. the winds will kick up later on today. it looks like we are going to see the temperatures running mainly in the 50s. by the afternoon, it will be breezy out around the coastline. a repeat from yesterday's high. the temperatures may be a degree or two cooler. about 84 and nice and warm in livermore. san francisco 64 degrees. much cooler weather on the way. we will talk about that in a moment. >> familiar south bay graffiti is gone this morning. crews painted over the mess on
the 13th street rail bridge over highway 101. here is a live look at what the overpass looks like right now. all cleaned up. it is repainted, in stark contrast what it used to look like. drivers have been complaining for months about the distracting artwork. it took convincing to get them to clean up. caltrans had to schedule a team to stop tray i can on 101 overnight and hazmat crews had to clean up waste left by squatters. >> it was a matter of folks doing the finger pointing and it took a lot of pushing from susan wolf and a lot of other folks at the city to try to get everyone convinced about the fact that it's all of our responsibility. >> they have now installed two levels of fencing to try to keep those taggers from repeating their work. >> 6:09. the teams planning to commeet in the san francisco cup will meet later today. they will review the
circumstances of last week's fatal saling accident on the bay. he was killed when the boat capsized and broke apart. the race teams will talk about what happened and why and whether changes need to be made to ensure safety during the event. a memorial is growing for the sailor killed. he was trapped under the debris of the boat last thursday. his death prompted the german youth saling team to withdraw from a race this september. it said it didn't want to take the risk. >> state lawmakers will join the growing number of groups investigating the breaking bolts on the new bay bridge. a senate committee will hold a hearing in sacramento today. in the meantime, the federal government will look into the problems. the federal highway administration wants to know what went wrong and what caltrans is doing about it. >> i think it's a healthy process for us to look at. for the public to understand. it's important that the public
feel confident that the organizations and institutions that are serving the public are doing so in the very best way. >> as of now, the target date for opening the new span is still labor day weekend. a sinking subdivision will be the focus of a meeting in lake county today. more than a dozen homes in lake port are sliding down a hillside. eight have been aban dropped -- abandoned. some homeowners say insurance won't cover it if it's due to natural causes. >> 6:11. snuffing out smoke. a stand against tobacco. >> and a bear tries to beat the heat. it sent sun bathers running in southern california. >> tacos with a side of syrup. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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department is >> good morning. if you're just waking up with us, this is probably one of those mornings that you wish you had fast track, especially if you're crossing the san mateo bridge. this is why. this accident is causing big delays mostly in the cash- paying lanes. basically only in the cash- paying lanes. so a big rig carrying a bunch of gravel slammed into the side retaining wall just after 5:00 this morning. this is past the main toll plaza. but it is still blocking that far cash-paying lane. right now just three cash- paying lanes are open. they opened a third one because they needed it. you can start to see some of the delays. we're hearing the delays begin
beyond industrial now and growing on westbound 92. eastbound 92 is not impacted. the fast track lanes appear to be moving okay. so they're urging people to use the dunbar bridge. it does not appear to be too bad at least on the traffic sensors. the bay bridge is another good option this morning. they turned on the metering lights around 6:00 this morning. we are starting to see delays by the overcrossings. probably 15 minutes to get on to the bay bridge right now. and checking the east bay roadway, everything is moving fine this morning near 66 up towards downtown. that is a check of your time- saver traffic. >> there will be a cooldown and the winds picking up into the afternoon hours.
we have partly cloudy skies. towards the coastline, mostly clear. some of the clouds have snuck inside the bay. mostly sunny and breezy along the coastline and just -- as for that high pressure building back in, that won't happen until friday into the weekend. around the state you see the 90s in the central valley. you could see flareups there this afternoon # 6 degrees. the winds will be kicking up. that will be the main weather story for today towards the coastline this afternoon. winds up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. temperaturewise we're looking at 70s and 80s. 80s possible inland. inside the bay you will feel the effects. next couple of days we are going to see more sunshine after patchy morning fog. more clouds come thursday.
but then the temperatures warming up right in time for next weekend. >> gorgeous weather. >> we are lucky with the timing of the warm weather. the u.s. department of justice is under criticism right now for seeing phone records of associated press reporters and editors. the ap president called it a quote massive and unprecedented intrusion. the justice department isn't saying why it secretly obtained the records but it may involve a criminal investigation about who leaked details about a cia investigation. on capitol hill, parties are facing off over the irs scandal. it flagged applications from political groups seeking tax exemption status. >> i have no patience with it. i will not tolerate it and we
will make sure that we find out exactly what happened. >> senator rubio is among those calling for hearings and investigations into the matter. >> 6:19. bay area headlines. all public parks in palo alto will be smoke free. they voted to ban smoking in parks and open paces. they initially planned to ban it in larger parks but now it includes all parks. the board of supervisors will likely improve an expansion that would include a site to the golden gate park. >> a bear scare in l.a. county. a one-year-old cub was on the run making herself at home in a neighborhood in la canada. she jumped over the fence. she sent kids running for cover. a nearby elementary school was
locked down. i would be running too. they tranquilized the bear. >> when i was a kid, i would probably be running toward it. >> taco bell is stepping out of their shell kind of. >> their newest breakfast item is a waffle taco. it features sausage and a scrambled egg folded into a waffle and a packet of syrup on the side. >> i love it. >> you don't? >> i can't get into the whole sweet salty thing. >> they are testing it in some select orange county locations. >> it could be messy. to each his own. >> i like it. >> it is 6:20. coming up, the as snap against the rangers last night. >> plus, black from the brink, the bruins wild rally and the play of the day is coming up. ,,,,
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>> good morning. we're continuing to watch breaking news on the san mateo- - bridge. the far right cash lane remains blocked on westbound 92. we have big backup but just in the cash-paying lanes. fast track users are getting by okay. don't head towards the bridge if you are paying cash. we will talk about alternates coming up in just a little bit. >> the oakland as came home to face the best team in the american league last night. >> and they beat them. mr. brandon moss says see ya. back to back homers.
he struck out 8. as are back at 500 with a 5-1 winner last night over the first place rangers. >> the golden state warriors back in san antonio for game five with the spurs. each team has won two games each. they all won in overtime. each has won once at home and once on the road. game six is going to be oakland on thursday night. >> stanley cup playoffs start tonight in l.a. a lot going on tonight. san jose hoping to de thrown the kings. the kings of course are coached by the former sharks head coach sutter. it was announced last night that games three and four will be in san jose and will be played saturday and a week from tonight. the bruins with an overtime goal to beet the maple leafs in
the 7th and deciding game in the series. toronto had lead the game 4-1 with 11 minutes left in regulation. the bruins pulled their goalie in the last couple of minutes. the final score, 5-4 boston. i was watching that and yelling like a big dog. >> and staying up too late. >> maybe. maybe a little. >> it is now 6:26. coming up angelina jolie's surprise announcement. her sacrifice in the name of health. >> you could call it csi considers -- csidty. not waiting for place to do it. ,,,,
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>> flames ripped apart a beauty salon this morning in san jose. >> they are bringing investigators out but they are not calling it suspicious. >> angelina jolie talks about her decision to get a double mastectomy. >> she had the surgery even though she didn't have breast cancer. >> she carries the faulty general that is known to develop into breast cancer. >> a man stopped to break up a fight. a short time later, he was dead. >> one of the guys involved in the fight came back with a gun and fired into his car. >> a graffiti cleanup stops traffic down in san jose. >> they are bringing to a close one of the ugliest chapters in san jose history. >> i have no patience with it. i will not tolerate it. >> from across the bay to around the world.
>> tv psychologist dr. joyce brothers has died. the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> good morning. it is tuesday, may 14th. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. >> breaking in news right now. a big rig accident is slowing things down on the san mateo bridge. >> people are wishing they had the fast track transponders right now. that's where all of the backups are. an accident involving a big rig hauling gravel as you see right there is blocking the far right cash lane. it's a satellite toll plaza. people are really in long waits. this is a time crunch right now. people being late for work right now. it's jammed solid. unfortunately the backups are growing. look at the left lanes. those are the fast track lanes. people are getting by okay. we're checking some of the
traffic sensors. we're seeing delays heading towards westbound 92 on southbound 880. we went ahead and issued the traffic alert after 5:00 when the accident happened. it slammed into the side retaining wall. use the dunbar bridge. it is a good option. the metering lights are on. >> developing news in san jose. a fire tears through a salon overnight. >> kpix 5 is live where the arson investigator is now on the scene. good morning. >> good morning. restoration workers boarded up the salon and are outside of a small testing business. both were destroyed in the early morning fire. it gutted the building. the roof collapsed and everything inside was destroyed. firefighters were called here on sharon drive in west san
jose around 2:00 this morning. they fought the fire defensively because it was too dangerous to go inside. two businesses were in the building. they were both destroyed. the cause is under investigation. >> at this particular time it's under investigation. i'm not going to say it's suspicious. the investigator is at the scene and will be investigating the cause of the fire. >> nobody was hurt. nobody was inside the building. we're on sharon drive which intersects with deanza boulevard. there are a lot of other businesses around here. they are all okay. i want to show you next door, that pink building, that is a child development center. that is what firefighters were worried about this morning. they had to make sure that the flames did not spread to the child development center which is also a day care. no other businesses were damaged. but these two businesses behind
me destroyed. >> all right. thanks, alisa. you can call it a clean canvas. taggers are determined because crews have painted over graffiti in three san jose locations and they are hoping that the artists will stay away this time. this is what the overpass at 13th street looks like right now. it is a beautiful plain beige, in stark contrast to what it used to look like. this is what workers covered up last night. drivers have been complaining for months about the distracting artwork over the highway. the 13th street bridge is owned by union pacific. it took convincing to get them to clean it up. >> it was folks doing the finger pointing for months. and it took a lot of pushing from susan wolf and a lot of folks at the city to try to get everyone convinced about the fact that it's all of our responsibility. >> the city has installed two
levels of fencing to try to keep those taggers from repeating their work. >> 6:35 right now. searchers are out looking for a 9-year-old girl who has been missing. she is autistic and unable to speak. she has been missing since sunday afternoon. her family says she is attracted to water but can't swim. searchers will look along cash creek which flows out of clear lake and runs by the vacation home. one of hollywood's biggest stars makes a big health decision. we have the reason why angelina jolie had a double mastectomy even though she doesn't have breast cancer. >> it was a shocking admission. she announced she had a preventative mastectomy. it can prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer in women
who are at high risk for developing the disease. she wrote a piece in the new york times detailing why she made the move. she said her mother fought cancer for ten years before dying at the age of 56. she said this wasn't an easy decision but she had her breasts removed after discovering she had a gene at high risk of developing breast cancer. she says her doctors said she had 87% risk of breast cancer is and 50% risk of ovarian cancer. i chose not to keep it private because there are so many women that may be living under the shadow of breast cancer. it is my hope that they will be able to get gene tested. if they have a high risk, they will know that they have strong options. she wrote she wanted to be proactive after finding out she carried the faulty gene. it is called brca1.
it pew tates. it leads to an increased risk. scientists at uc berkeley were the first ones to find evidence for the existence of this gene. we caught up with the executive director for breast cancer action. >> the brca1 and 2 are commonly known as the breast cancer genes. women who have that increased risk may choose to undergo more surveillance or in some cases surgery. >> according to the national cancer institute, the data suggests that it may reduce the chances of developing breast cancer. surgery has its risks and of course women should talk to their doctors before making such a decision. kpix 5. >> the national cancer institute says preventative mastectomy may reduce 90% of the chance of developing breast
cancer in moderate to high risk women like angelina jolie. >> a great decision. i think it will have an impact on people's whose lives have been touched by cancer. >> i was going to say the weekend is approaching but it's only tuesday. >> wishful thinking. >> it's getting closer every minute. we have cooler weather on the way the next few days. lots of sunshine outside right now. fairly calm start to the day. we have patchy fog inside the bay. a couple clouds out there but a lot of sunshine as well. still the temperatures right now holding mainly in the 40s outside. we're seeing not a bad start to the day but the winds will kick up by the afternoon. that is more of the concern. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s in the south bay. lots of sunshine there. the east bay, 80s possible. but as you get inside the bay, more of that sea breeze, even 64 degrees. it will feel cool in san francisco. the winds kicking up this
afternoon. more winds out towards the coastline. we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, lawrence. a burglary suspect in vallejo is in custody thanks in part to neighbors who took policing into their own hands. monica steel and her husband first installed a security camera but it turns out that it wasn't needed. another neighbor spread the word of what the suspect looked like. flyers with the photo went up. that did the trick and the suspect was later arrested. >> when he was arrested he was only five feet away from one of our flyers. >> some of the stolen items were found stashed in a foreclosed home in the neighborhood. >> it is 6. the tech world is all abuzz. what we can expect when google kicks off the developer's conference. >> a sour high note. a whitney houston fan forces a plane to make an emergency
landing. >> we have a check on the numbers this tuesday. much more when we come back. ,,,,
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>> some space travelers are back on solid ground this morning. three crew members from the international space station returned from their five-month mission. nasa says all three appear to be just fine. the commander chris hatfield gave the camera a big thumbs up as he got out. he got a big thumbs up from rock legend david bowie for making the first music video in
space. three federal judges in san francisco will hear 20 minutes u nts from each side. the former interior secretary salazar is the one that ordered the oyster farm to close last fall. the operator of the farm will argue that he should be allowed to remain open. governor brown is going to release the revised spending plan today. it will reveal a revenue wind fall believe it or not. california's cash flow is as much as $5 billion. better than january projections. because of various propositions passed over the years, most of that money could go to education. chrysler might have to recall 200,000 cars. >> federal officials will make that decision. let's check in with jason brooks on a tuesday. >> reporter: good morning. federal safety regulators looking into three different chrysler models from the year
2006. that would be the chrysler 300c luxury car, the dodge magnum and the dodge charmer. they have dozens of complaints that the cars have stalled right after fueling them up. this is a surprise stall as the engine was running. the federal safety regulators will determine how often this happens and whether or not the cars need to be recalled. it would involve 192,000 of those three models. one car company that continues to do no wrong these days is tesla. the stock has been soring. it's up about 75% since last wednesday. the stock is approaching $100. blackberry just now at its developers conference in orlando introduced a cheaper blackberry called the q5. no price tag given. there's been speculation as to whether or not apple will
develop a cheaper iphone also for emerging markets so they can get more market share over there. let's see how it's starting out today. positive start. the dow is up by 28 points. nasdaq is gaining 10. s&p up by 5 points. frank and an, back to you. >> thank you, jason. >> the tech world paying close attention to google's conference tomorrow in san francisco. >> we're going to get a first look at the new products with google and android. frank is here to give us a sneak peak. >> this is called the developer's conference but a whole lot happens there that is great for consumers. we expect google to roll out a handful or more of new products. there could be a google gaming service. this would be an actual online
gaming service where you might share scores, compete against people and do online gaming. that would be a big move for them. you know about the glass that you put on that projects things on the world. there could be early indications of a google watch. of course we have heard that apple in theory has an apple i watch coming. you could see this wearable technology market heat up if google joins the fray. if that mapped the interior of buildings like malls and government buildings so you could find a section of a department store also on maps. that could be a new layer that they add to google maps. nexus 7 is probably the most successful tablet competing against the ipad mini. there could be a major update to that that they will be announcing tomorrow as well. >> this is their answer to
apple's conference. >> they have the worldwide conference. here is this one from google. it's for developers after this key note tomorrow morning. it's for men and women who write software. they use this key note in the month. to speak to all of us. >> who do you think will be the star of the show? the google glass. that's weird for me. it's been a major bust. >> very early on, there are a few hundreds or thousand developer samples out there. they may have updates on how well the adoption of it has been going. and some earlier ideas on way that developers can write software for that. it used a service called google now to place things in front of your world. >> tech explosion right here in the bay area. >> we will have the live coverage starting at 8:30 tomorrow morning on cnet.
>> you can see more of the tech watch segments by going to >> someone is willing to pay $500,000 for a cup of coffee. that is the highest bid to do coffee with tim cook, the ceo of apple. the auction is open until 1:00 this afternoon. >> that's a good cup of coffee. >> yeah. >> time now for a look what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell is joining us from new york. >> good morning to you. we will talk to one of the world's leading cancer doctors on angelina jolie's to undergo a double mastectomy. we want to look at details and when you should get the testing that led her to make the choice. remember the police officer who almost died during the fire fight with the boston bombing
suspects? richard donahue and his amazing wife talk to our john miller and share new details about what happened that night. also the big business of big lotto jackpots. the news is back in the morning. we will see you guys at 7:00. >> do you have your ticket for powerball. >> i have not bought my ticket. i think gail and i will go in on a ticket. >> it's over 300 million now. thanks, cbs this morning starts at 7:00. have a good show. >> we want to check in with liz in the traffic center. this is major trouble on the san mateo bridge all morning long. >> there was a motorcycle accident right before the tunnel. a few minutes they were able to reopen the lanes. this is westbound 24 near the pablo exit. we're seeing beaucoups continue into lafayette. they were able to get tow crews out there and clear the wreck from the scene. let's go to chopper 5. this
is the other hot spot. the san mateo bridge commute. that gravel hauler, they have been able to clear it. we saw a tow crew get it out of the lanes. this is westbound 92 just past the main toll plaza. the cash-paying lanes, the far right lanes remain blocks. there's only three cash-paying lanes open. that is causing the biggest delays. it's jammed solid towards 880. the approach to 92 is backed up as well. there was an earlier crash in the backup. that has been cleared to the right-hand shoulder. head north towards the bay bring for an the. that's the latest check of your traffic. more on the forecast with lawrence. >> the fog not as thick outside. patchy fog inside the bay and along the coastline as we head toward the afternoon.
a lot of sunshine outside. and the winds are kicking up along the coastline. a cooling trend over the next few days. high pressure flattening out. a couple weak systems rolling over the top of the ridge. not expecting any delays today. just low clouds this morning. sunshine by the afternoon. around the country looks like a nice day to travel. 86 in denver. 86 also in chicago. and 63 in new york. around the bay, we will see the temperatures soring in the 70s and low 80s in the south bay. 60s towards the coast. low to mid-80s inland. we will feel the effects of the sea breeze in san francisco and along the coastline. temperatures going to feel cooler than advertised. the next couple of days we will watch the numbers dropping off. bottoming out on thursday. by the next weekend, we are
looking sweet. temperatures back in the 80s in some of the valleys. >> this guy is already looking forward to the weekend. >> aren't you? >> i work on the weekends. so whatever. but it sounds like it will be lovely when i get up. >> i relax on the weekends. bart could soon be on the move in the east bay. a meeting will discuss further expansion. hercules city council will talk about whether they support the efforts submitted last month. you will be seeing a lot more ads this summer about the danger of texting while driving. the four big cell phone companies will spend millions of dollars for the campaign. it will push the it can wait slogan for the ad. a fan's tribute to whitney houston did not get her a standing ovation. >> instead it got her kicked
off the plane. >> tsa hauled a disruptive passenger off of the plane last week because she wouldn't stop singing i will always love you. the plane was diverted to kansas city where she was handcuffed and taken away by air marshalls and still singing when she got off the plane. >> annoying. is beyonce hiding a baby bump? baby number two rumors are swirling. people magazine says that sources will confirm only that they hope to have another baby when the singer wraps up her current world tour later this year. reps for the power couple are not commenting. >> what is her first, blue ivy? >> something like that. i'm sure we will be hearing about that. >> i pulled that out of nowhere. >> a final check of your top stories. >> including big new celebrity
watch. angelina jolie's announcement, why she had a double mastectomy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> taking a look at some of the top stories. ai fire overnight destroying a fire down in san jose. >> it broke out on sharon drive around 2:00 this morning. firefighters were dealing with 20-foot high flames. the cause is under investigation but it is not considered suspicious. angelina jolie revealing that she underwent a preventative doubling mastectomy. the actress wrote an article in new york times saying she underwent surgery in april. her doctors say she carries a gene that increases her risk for developing cancer.
her mom died of cancer at the able of 56. >> a lot of women will get tested for the gene now. >> trafficwise we have had a busy morning. >> yes. there was a crash but that is gone. seeing delays out of lafayette. this has been the other breaking news. the san mateo bridge has been backing up. the big rig slammed into the wall that you see there. they are hooking up the cab of the truck and then they have the cleanup to do after that. delays jammed solid. that's traffic. lawrence, it looks like sunshine out there. >> i have breaking news. it's going to be a nice day out there. temperatures now in the 50s. by the afternoon, there will be a sea breeze, especially flare the coast. temperatures in the mid-80s in the valleys. the next couple of days cooling off. >> thanks for joining us this
morning. >> our next update is at 7:25. en-- enjoy, everybody. >> have a good one. good morning to our viewers in the west. tuesday, may 14, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning" president obama goes on the defense as his administration is slammed on three front. an officer shot and nearly killed in the boston manhunt talks only with our john miller. and angelina jolie's stunning anounsment she had a double mastectomy, even though she doesn't have breast cancer. and today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. stunning revelation by one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> angelina jolie takes preventative measures to combat breast cancer.